“You Will Always Be My Champion”

Siddharth apologized to Saina Nehwal
Siddharth ends her feud with Saina Nehwal (Photo credit: Instagram / worldofsiddharth, nehwalsaina, Twitter / Siddharth)

Actor Siddharth has been making headlines for a few days now due to all the wrong reasons. He made a comment on behalf of star badminton player Saina Nehwal for her supportive remarks. Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Although he rarely enjoyed his sense of humor, a large number of netizens found his humor annoying.

For the perfect, Saina He wrote that democracy was in danger and condemned the protesters in Punjab who had violated the security of Prime Minister Modi. Since Sid has always been a fierce critic of Modi and his political apparatus, the actor tried to troll Saina in his wordplay. However, it’s a big time backfire.

Siddhartha writes, “World’s finest c * ck champion … Thank God we have the protector of India. Shame on you #Rihana.” In response, Saina Nehwal’s husband and father denounced the actor and later even publicly apologized. And finally, after going through all the criticism, the actor shared a letter of apology on Twitter.

In an apology letter, Siddhartha wrote, “Dear Saina, I apologize to you for my rude joke that I wrote a few days ago in response to your tweet. I can disagree with you on many issues but even when I read your tweet my Neither frustration nor anger can justify my tone and words. I know I have more grace than that. For jokes… If a joke needs to be explained, it wasn’t a good joke to start with. Sorry for a joke that didn’t come. . “

“But I must emphasize that my play on words and humor had no malicious intent, which many people from all walks of life blamed. I am a staunch feminist ally and I assure you that my tweet did not imply any gender and certainly had no intention of attacking you as a woman. I hope we can put it behind us and you will accept my letter. You will always be my champion. Honestly, Siddhartha, ”he read further.

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