‘Women Can Be More Confident When People Would Stop Pointing Out Flaws’

TMKOC actress Priya Ahuja says: 'Women can be more confident when men boost their confidence, not point out flaws'
‘Women can be more confident when men boost their confidence, not point out flaws’: Priya Ahuja (Photo credit: Instagram / priyaahujarajda)

‘Taraq Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma’ actress Priya Ahuja is known for playing the role of Rita in the show Rajda. She was an advocate for women’s empowerment. The Actress Talked about how self-confidence can be thematic among different women.

Priya Ahuja says: “I don’t think women can have a reason to be confident about their lives. Every woman has a different factor in her life to be happy and confident and you know someone will be a fitness freak, someone’s height or someone’s attitude and I I don’t think a factor that can define your confidence would be like a combination. “

Priya Ahuja added that it is important for a woman to be confident that people around her should stop pointing out her flaws.

“Maybe someone’s upbringing is so strong and beautiful that they will look beautiful in any shape or form you know and I think it depends on many factors and I think women can be more confident when the people around them increase their confidence, not Comment on their mistakes, ”added Priya Ahuja.

Meanwhile, it has recently been reported that Tarak Mehta is back in Ulta Chashmah # 1, when, Rupali Ganguly Anupama, who has ruled the television world for a long time, was at number 2 on the list.

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