When Sakshi Tanwar Said, “I’m Much Better…” Than Smirti Irani On Her Getting More Limelight For Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi

When witness Tanwar was asked about getting more limelight than Smriti Irani
Witness Tanwar once responded by getting more limelight for Smriti Irani Kunki Saas V Kavi Bahu Thi (Photo Credit: Instagram / Poster Kunki Saas V Kavi Bahu Thi)

Currently, on Indian television, there are multiple shows that compete for the top spot on the TRP charts; However, there was a time when the story of Witness Tanwar and the story of Smriti Irani as Kunki Sas V Kavi Bahu Thi reigned on our TV screens. The most prominent arm Tulsi and Parvati were even present Coffee with Karan Where the host asked about the constant competition between their shows.

Ekta Kapoor’s Daily Soap KGGKK and KSBKBT both ran for almost 7 years and had a lot of star cast. With the maximum number of plot twists and the introduction of new cast members, the show keeps its viewers hooked on their TV screens.

Meanwhile Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki and Kunki Saas V Kavi Bahu Thi were neck-to-neck on the TRP chart. However, it was Smriti Irani’s show that gained the most limelight. During their appearance at Coffee With Karan, the filmmaker asked Sakshi Tanwar about the constant competition with the Iranian show and how the latter gets ‘huge glory’.

In response to Karan Johar’s question, witness Tanwar replied, “You see it from above, but I see it from below. I still feel that I am much better than many actors who want to be my shoes so far. OK; I’m pretty used to it now. “

Later during the quick-fire round when the host asked which show was better, again, the witness defended his show story house house and claimed the characters in KGGK were more ‘human’.

A few years after the end of KGGK in 2008, Witness Tanwar returned to his television with Ram Kapoor in another Ekta Kapoor show. In addition to the Daily Soap, the actress appeared in Aamir Khan’s 2016 blockbuster movie, Wrestling.

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