“We Were All Sulking, Depressed…”

Kriti Sanon reveals how Sushant Singh Rajput and Rabta team coped with the failure of the movie together
Kriti Sanon reveals how she and Sushant Singh Rajput dealt with Rabta’s failure (Photo credit: Instagram / Poster from Rabta)

Kriti Sanon has always been one of the most vocal celebrities in Bollywood who enjoys a lot of fan following for her work in several hit films. It is a known fact that he was close to the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput and the pair even worked together in the film Rabta. Since the movie failed to draw audiences, Masterpiece How the team dealt with disappointing box office collections and reviews recently opened up.

For the unexpected, Rabta was an action romance film that hit theaters in 2017. The plot of this movie revolves around the idea of ​​reincarnation as a modern couple realizes that they have shared a deep relationship from their previous life. It was directed by Dinesh Vijan and also starred Jim Servke in a lead role.

In a recent conversation with Film Companion, Kriti opened up about Sanon’s failure. Movies And how the team tackled it. He mentioned that they all got together with a bottle of wine and even recalled how he shouted at Sushant Singh Rajput about poor reviews and reactions.

Kriti Shannon said, “It was a fun night. We were all frustrated, we were depressed, we went through really bad reviews and didn’t know what to say. Dino was right, ‘Come on, I’m in a bad mood (come over, friends, I’m in a bad mood).’ We went there and opened the bottle of wine. Dino said, ‘I think it’s a flashback, I should have made it easier. Why did we become indigenous? ‘ Earlier, there was a draft that had a common king-queen. It’s more about people, isn’t it? But we felt like we wanted to go a little different … I was having a glass of wine, and I said, ‘I told you that.’

Kriti was also in the position that he did not believe the excuse as the audience could not understand the movie as it was the responsibility of the whole team to ensure it. You’re making movies for the audience, you can’t say no to society (they don’t understand). Agar unko samaj na aayi tumhari galti hai (if they don’t understand it is your fault). You can’t say, ‘We were ahead of our time’. No, you’re filming for that time, you need to connect with the audience. Where did you fail? You have to figure it out, “he said.

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