Vikranth Rona To Badava Rascal, Sankranthi Releases Affected Due To COVID’s Third Wave

The covid third wave dampens the spirit of the sandalwood conjunctiva
Producers who planned to release Grand Sankranti have delayed their movies due to COVID (Photo credit: Posters from the movie)

The Covid-19 wave has proven to be expensive Kannada film Industry, aka Sandalwood, has not been able to capitalize on their success since movies like Vikrant Rona, Badava Rascal and Ryder started well at the box office.

Because? Due to the third wave, the Karnataka government has limited its hold on cinema theaters to 50 per cent.

Bikranta Rona, Badava Rascal, Ryder and others who had planned the release on Grand Sankranti have postponed their movies. And Film Trade estimates that when the third wave of Peters goes down, several theaters across the state will be permanently closed.

Big Kannada movies are now slated for release on the festivals of Varmahalakshmi, Ganesha and Vijayadashami. In fact, when the second Kovid wave hits hard, there are big releases, including pan-India projects like Kichha Sudip.Star ‘Bikranta Rona’ has to be postponed.

‘Badva Rascal’ starring actor Dhananjaya was released on December 24 and shows all the signs of being a hit. The movie team had already embarked on a tour across the state to celebrate its success, but it received a rude push when the 50 percent limit was announced in the first week of January.

Dhananjaya said that although the producers were happy with the box-office selection, the restrictions affected the chances of making the movie even better.

Nikhil Kumaraswamy-starrer big-budget movie ‘Rider’, which was released on December 24, got off to a good start at the box office, but then suffered heavy losses. The movie ‘Arjun Gowda’ starring Prajwal Devraj was also badly hit by the decision of the state government.

No Kannada film has been released since 31st December. Experts predict that the third wave will hit the top in February, with producers uncertain about the release of their movie. Industry sources said there would be no major release in the next two months, which is going to be a loss for theater owners.

By the time the third wave subsided, industry sources said, more than 200 theaters would be permanently closed. With no new movies being released, they are managing the movies released last month, even with a 50 percent hold.

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