‘Vanity Fair’ puts Priyanka on its cover

Priyanka Chopra looks artistically messy on her Vanity Fair cover
Priyanka Chopra has made a place for herself within the walls of Hollywood (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Being on the cover of ‘Vanity Fair’, Priyanka Chopra has achieved what every star expects anywhere in the world. She is featured on the cover of the February 2022 issue of the magazine, which has been internationally acclaimed for its in-depth articles on sophisticated photography.

Unveiling the cover, Vanity Fair tweeted: “After the journey on The Matrix, the actor enters his cup overflowing 2022 – a reflection of his Hindi film industry career, marriage and making a path for himself in Hollywood.” Featuring an artistically messy, Fendi off-shoulder, off-white ruffled dress featuring an exuberant Priyanka.

The magazine was previously edited by celebrity journalists such as Tina Brown and Gradon Carter (who played Jeff Bridges in How to Lose Friends and Alienate People), now run by Radhika Jones, an Indian American.

Describing her as “a driven woman who surpassed what was previously possible for an Indian actor in Hollywood”, the Vanity Fair cover story says: He is on a welcome mission. “

Priyanka, Noting his life story essay from his days at Army Public School, Bareilly, he will eventually star in the lead role as he was in India with “Rom-Come ‘Text for You” and Amazon’s ambitious spy series “Citadel” this year. Towards the end.

And about his own story, especially the rise of his stardom in Hollywood, Priyanka Says: “It took a lot of sidewalk pounding to get people’s attention and to be able to accept the fact that someone like me could be the head of a Hollywood feature.”

He adds (and the feeling will return home well): “Very few of us from South Asia can do that. I hope that the part I play in it will push the envelope a bit.

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