“The Real Question Is, What Do You Do For Your Mental Health?

Sumit Raghavan: You have to be happy, that's the key to all locks
Sumit Raghavan: You have to be happy, that’s the key to all locks (Photo Credit – Instagram)

‘Wagle Ki Duniya’ actor Sumit Raghavan talks about how important it is to balance work-life and how he manages to control it.

Talking about how to keep the right balance, Sumit said: “I think you need to make time for your life and your family because I have always done it. Hobby farming is essential. More importantly, something that lets you turn off your mobile phone. Music is absolutely magical and the best therapy for me. I always take the harmonium with me to the make-up room because it helps calm me down and rejuvenates me. For me, home has always been a place for me to spend time with my family, kids and pets. “

The ongoing track ‘Wagle Ki Duniya – Noi Pidhi Naye Kisi’ shows how Rajesh (Sumit Raghavan) ‘s company merged and his life has never been the same since. Working in a very stressful environment is making him tired and lethargic, and his health is beginning to show signs of this stress.

Rajesh struggles in his personal and professional life, working tirelessly to maintain a balance between the two.

Sumit Raghavan related the ongoing sequence and further shared that in 2020, he focused on his family. He also emphasized the importance of mental health.

He added: “I always believe mental health is very important. You can go to the gym for your physical health, but the real question is, what do you do for your mental health? To maintain good mental health, you need proper nutrition. You are good. There has to be company. I think family and close friends can always be people you can contact for any help. “

Sumit Raghavan’s ‘Wagal Ki Duniya’ was aired on Sony SAB.

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