The Godfather Turns 50! To Have A Limited Theatrical Re-Release Beginning February

Limited re-release on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Godfather
There will be a limited theatrical re-release to mark the 50th anniversary of the Godfather (Photo Credit – The Godfather Poster)

Starring Francis Ford Coppola’s classic The Godfather’s 50th anniversary limited theatrical re-release trailer, Marlon Brando and some of the best actors of all time, “If nothing else, it’s a reminder that the Great Mobster movie has revealed something. The most memorable line of dialogue in the history of Hollywood, “reports ‘Deadline’.

Which is often repeated, “I’m going to give him an offer he can’t refuse.” Only Brando could make this line sound so ominous. Or distribution line by a young Al Pacino“Never again take sides against the family.” And in the character of Diane Keaton, “Don’t ask me about my business, who.”

Paramount Pictures released a new trailer on Thursday (US Pacific Time) with the announcement that the film will be released on February 25 at Dolby Vision limited to 50th anniversary theaters, only at the Dolby Cinema at the AMC Theater in the United States and surrounding international areas. World.

A statement from Paramount Pictures introducing the trailer: “No movie has changed Hollywood more than The Godfather. From Mario Pujo’s best-selling novel to the box-office blockbuster, his impressive legacy survives today. “

Statement Note: “Starring Marlon Brando OscarThe victorious performance as the father of the Corleone family, this first installment of the three-movie story paints a dramatic portrayal of the Sicilian dynasty’s rise and fall from American power.

And it concludes by reminding genuine fans of the film: “Balanced by Corleone’s commitment to the family and the ugly criminal business they are involved in, it features the career-building performances of Al Pacino, James Cain, Talia Shire, Diane Keaton and Robert Duvall.” . This dazzling and brilliant masterpiece has been nominated for 10 Academy Awards and won three, including Best Picture. “

According to Deadline, three images from the trilogy – The Godfather, The Godfather: Part II and Coppolar’s recently revised final photo version, Mario Pujo’s The Godfather, Coda: The Death of Michael Corleone – have been restored under his direction and for the first time on March 22. Ultra HD and 4K Ultra HD will be available on Blu-ray.

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