South Star Nandita Das Remembers Her Tamil Hit ‘Azhagi’ As It Completes 20 Years

Nandita Das recalls her Tamil hit film 'Azhaagi' as it turns 20
Nandita Das remembers her Tamil hit ‘Azhagi’ as she turns 20 (Photo Credit: Instagram / Nanditadas Official)

Actress Nandita Das, who has won praise and heart Tamil With her stellar performance in the critically acclaimed Tamil hit film ‘Azhaagi’, viewers have fond memories of working on the film to mark its 20th anniversary.

Speaking on social media, Nandita Das said, “Technically my only ‘hit’ film !! ‘Azagi’ is 20 years old today! Thanks to Thangar Bachan, Parthivan, Devyani, Sayaji Shinde and everyone in the team who made this experience memorable for me. And the picture is for the viewers. Special thanks to Ilayaraja for the unforgettable song. Reviving memories through these photos. Happy Pongal !! “

The film, which won the National Award for Best Picture, was directed by Thankar Bachan and starred Parthivan and Devyani opposite Nandita Das.

Recently, director Thankar Bachan wrote an emotional post in which he revealed that the heart touching story of the main characters of the film starring (Nandita Das), Shanmugan and Dhanalakshmi was first published as a short story called ‘Kalvettu’. . He said the story was so heartbreaking that 15 years later he turned it into a movie.

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