Salman Khan’s Defamation Case Against His Neighbour Addressed By Mumbai Court, Rejects Star’s ‘Grant Of Injunction’

Mumbai court rejects Salman Khan's defamation suit against his neighbors' witnesses' ban granted '
Mumbai court rejects Salman Khan’s defamation suit ‘Photo ban’

Bollywood’s nephew, Salman Khan is world famous not only for his promising movies but also for the huge controversy surrounding him. Well, according to a recent report, B-Town’s brother is in the middle of a controversy again, and this time with his neighbors.

For the undisclosed, in 2018, the superstar’s neighbors defamed and complained that Antim Actor Despite owning (their) land, they were not allowed to build a bungalow next to Pavel’s farm.

Responding to the allegations by his neighbor Ketan Kakkad and his wife Anita Kakkad, Salman Khan filed a defamation suit against High Neighbors for defaming him in an interview with a YouTuber. The star also filed a case against two other members present in the interview.

Apart from this case, it is said that Salman Khan also applied to the court for injection against the defamatory material created by his neighbor Ketan Kakkad and wife Anita. Salman’s application states, “Directly or indirectly load / upload, post, repost, tweet, retweet, interview, relate, communicate, host, print, publish, issue, promote, Advertising, or any other defamatory content and / or defamatory comments or more or any other defamatory content, malicious or defamatory statements, posts, messages, tweets, videos, interviews, communications and food on social media platforms and / or related to its Panvel Farmhouse Correspondence, including but not limited to, is directed and administered by Defendant Nos. 5 to 12 (Social Media Agencies) or otherwise in any way, directly and indirectly, in any other way, including any other medium / mode.

Well, IndiaToday reports that Salman’s case came up for hearing today (January 14) in the City Civil Court before Judge Anil H. Laddad. Advocates representing Khan insisted on granting the ban. However, lawyers Ava Singh and Aditya Pratap, representing the Kakkad family, immediately opposed the plea, stating that they were not aware of the entire case as they had received the case papers last night (January 13). The lawyers then asked Judge Laddad to give them time because they could wait for Kakkad to answer the case.

Following the hearing, Judge Laddad decided to give Kakkad’s lawyers some time to file a response. On January 21, the judge adjourned the hearing of Salman Khan’s case.

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