Priyanka Chopra Agrees Her Mary Kom Role Should’ve Gone To Someone From Northeast & Recalls Playing A ‘Se*ual Predator’ At 21

Priyanka Chopra recalls the reaction of people after playing a negative character in her debut film Aitaraj
Priyanka Chopra admits that Mary Kom’s character should have gone to someone in the Northeast (Photo Credit – Facebook; Mary Kom Poster)

Priyanka Chopra has shown her acting skills not only in the Bollywood industry but also in the West. The actress has amazed her fans all over the world through her fascinating projects. At a very young age, PC Aitraj played a negative character, reflecting the same, the actress revealed how people reacted. The friendly star, on the other hand, admits that Mary Kom’s character should have been played by someone from the Northeast.

Both his films were critically acclaimed and loved by the audience. However, the actress faced a lot of criticism when she acted in the biopic. Actress Lynn Laishram The protagonist has recently criticized PC and claimed that it was “heartbreaking” to see him in the lead role.

Aitraj marked Priyanka Chopra’s big debut in Bollywood when the actress was 21/22 years old when she was offered the film. During her conversation with Vanity Fair, the actress recalled that not everyone was happy with her casting because it was too early for her to play a negative character. Akshay Kumar Star

Priyanka Chopra said, “At that time, the big heroines who lived in mainstream commercial movies had to be much more gentle, authentic, good girls. In contrast to my character in Aitraj, who was a badass. At the time, it was a lot. “

“Because my character was a sexual predator, and I was 21 or 22, people thought, ‘If you play a character like that, I don’t know if your audience will see you in that kind of character. Holiness and the girl of that dream.’ The girl you want to take to your parents is basically the opposite of the one you want to take to your bed, “he added. Was attached.

Talking about Mary Kom, Priyanka Chopra shared that although she is glad that she was a part of the film because she was able to spend time with Boxer, the actress admitted that she does not look like her, she said, “in crime. I should have gone to someone from the East. But as an actor, I was greedy for the opportunity to tell her story because she inspired me a lot as a woman. “

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