Premium Bonds Draw 2022 Dates: When are UK Premium Bonds drawn?

The NS&I Premium Bonds are growing in popularity in the United Kingdom. Those who own these bonds have the chance to win big cash prizes each month, as a result of the Premium Bonds Draw.

Here, we’ll explain exactly what the NS&I Premium Bonds are, how it works and when the dates of all the draws will be for 2022.

What are NS&I Premium Bonds?

Premium Bonds is not a new concept. It actually dates back to 1956, with the idea of offering alternative ways to save.

Essentially, you invest in a savings account from NS&I and buy 1 bonds, which each have an equal chance of winning cash prizes each month. The winning bonds are selected by ERNIE, NS&I’s Electronic Random Number Indicator Equipment.

What dates are NS&I Premium Bonds drawn in 2022?

The draw and winning bonds are revealed on the first working day of each month. Sometimes, then, this will be the very first day of the month, while you may have to wait a little longer on occasion because of a weekend or bank holiday.

Here is the full list for 2022 of when you can expect each Premium Bonds Draw.

  • January 2022: Tuesday, January 4
  • February 2022: Tuesday, February 1
  • March 2022: Tuesday, March 1
  • April 2022; Friday, April 1
  • May 2022; Tuesday, May 3
  • June 2022: Wednesday, June 1
  • July 2022: Friday, July 1
  • August 2022: Monday, August 1
  • September 2022: Thursday, September 1
  • October 2022: Monday, October 3
  • November 2022: Tuesday, November 1
  • December 2022: Thursday, December 1

Who won the Premium Bonds Draw for January 2022?

This all means that the January draw has already taken place. The jackpot number was 258VJ570205, with the winner from Hertfordshire. 127VF630970 was the number of the next big prize and that belonged to a winner from Lancashire.

There were smaller prizes too and, to find out if you won any of them, you simply go to the NS&I login page.

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