No Way Home, Wants To Reprise Her Role In MCU

Spider-Man actress Kirsten Dunst expresses interest in restoring her role as MJ in MCU
Spider-Man fame Kirsten Dunst wants to play MJ at MCU (Photo credit: Instagram / Poster from Spider-Man: No Way Home)

Spider-Man actress Kirsten Dunst has said that she would be happy to play Mary Jane Watson aka MJ in any future Spidey movie from Marvel Cinematic Universe. The actress played the role of a wall-crawler three times in Toby Maguire in Sony’s superhero movie version. Everyone immediately fell in love with the pair, who shared some iconic scenes like reverse-down k * ss.

Recently, Tom Holland starrer Spider-Man: No Way Home was released, and fans went crazy when the superhero version of Andrew Garfield and Toby returned for the movie. The film also saw the return of former villains but not Dunst’s character.

Now, Kirsten Dunst has expressed interest in playing MJ again for MCU. Speaking to People magazine, The Power of the Dog actress was asked if they would return if they were interested in returning to the character, to which she replied, “Of course, I will. Of course. I have been asked a few times about this.” That’s a no-brainer. It was a huge part of my career and my life. “

Previously, Kirsten Dunst had joked about returning to the role as an older MJ and now Spider-Man: No Way Home Versatile doors open, something to be expected from future MCU’s Spider-Man movies. Although actress Tom Holland shared her excitement about Toby Maguire’s resurgence of her spide in the film, Dunst revealed in the same publication that she has not seen it yet.

“I know I have to. I know Tobey is in, and it’s a huge surprise, and everyone is scared,” Kirsten said. “I’ll do it. I’ll see it in the end. You know, I’ll see it with my son because he’s starting to get involved with the Spider-Man thing. There’s, like, a little kid version. Spiders are human That he sees, so maybe he will see it with me, “he added.

It will be interesting to see how the writers revolve around a story that could allow Kirsten Dunst’s MJK to return to the future Spidey film with MCU if it happens.

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