“Never Had A Godfather In The Industry…”

Poonam Pandey opened her mouth about her breakup with Sam Bomb
Poonam Pandey reveals that she has never faced a casting couch and says that she has never had a godfather in the industry (Photo Credit: Instagram / QueenPunampande)

Actress Poonam Pandey has been in the news for the last few months for various reasons. When it comes to speaking, the actress never fails to speak her mind. Similarly, in a recent interview, the social media queen spoke of her divorce from her husband. Sam Bombay And how he is healing from it. He opens up more about casting couches and online trolling.

The actress was in the news last year for her alleged involvement in Raj Kundra’s alleged pornography case. She also made headlines after she filed a complaint against her husband for physically abusing her, which caused her head and face injuries.

In a conversation with SpotboyE, Poonam Pandey opened up about her divorce from Sam Bomb, saying, “I’m doing pretty well. I don’t want to talk too much about Sam Bombay at the moment because I am currently in the healing process. I’m going to see a therapist, “says the actress, referring to the dating.” No, not at all. It may be five years from now, but at the moment I’m not thinking about those lines anymore. “

Further in the interview, when Poonam Pandey was asked if she has ever faced a casting couch, the actress replied, “A lot of people ask me if I have ever faced a casting couch in the industry. I haven’t faced it, not even once. If people are confronted, it is very unfortunate for them. Look, I’ve never had a godfather in the industry, I haven’t had many friends in Bollywood. I did most of the things myself. No, I’ve never been on a casting couch in my life. “

The actress even talked about online trolling and how she dealt with them, “I don’t want to deal with them anymore because that’s something I’ve been doing for a long time. I quite enjoy my own place. I think agar up kuch achha b karoge to b troll karenge, kuch bura b karo to b troll karenge. It is better not to give so much importance to trolls. Instead, they are thinking of you and giving you importance. Let them do their work. ”

Concluding the interview, Poonam Pandey said that some interesting things are coming to her, she said, “I think the universe is being kind to me now. I look forward to sharing this wonderful news with you all, for I wish you all the best. “

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