Netflix ‘Cheer’ season 2: What can we expect from the Navarro team this season?

The second season of Netflix’s reality show Cheer tackles the allegations of sexual abuse and child pornography against former Navarro College cheerleading team member Jerry Harris.

It is a follow-up to the first season of the breakout Netflix docuseries in which we once again watch the Navarro Community College cheerleaders confront numerous obstacles while attempting to win another national title.

Trinity Valley Community College and their members deal with their own issues while trying to win a national title for the first time in several years. And thirdly, it is an examination of the effect season one’s popularity continues to have on the Navarro squad, as well as the unfortunate downfall of Cheer’s original breakout star, Jerry Harris.

What’s new for the new season

The Navarro Cheer team stunter appears in the first four of the show’s nine-episode sophomore season, which released in full on Wednesday, mainly through quick B-Roll shots and one very brief interview in episode two.

The change is significant from the starring role he played in the first six-episode batch of the docuseries that premiered in January 2020, nearly two years before Harris was accused of child sexual exploitation and abuse.

The episode about Harry

The season’s fifth and middle episode dedicates itself explicitly to these allegations. Titled “Jerry,” the episode was shot after the show returned from a filming hiatus due to the pandemic.

It features everything from footage of the former cheerleader’s practices and public appearances to a detailed timeline of his alleged misconduct with two young cheer athletes amid his rapid rise to fame.

“I was on the stage at Dancing with the Stars in dress rehearsal for our very first live show, the executive producer came up to me and showed me her phone and asked me if I had seen the headline in the news that day,” she recalled. “It was like an out-of-body experience at the time. I felt like I couldn’t breathe … I did the show. And then I went back to my trailer. I didn’t even want to look at my phone because I was scared”.

Harris’ representatives declined to appear on film for the episode. He has been held at the Metropolitan Correctional Center since his September 2020 arrest by the FBI.

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