Naya Safar Trailer Out! The Anthology Beautifully Highlights Stories Of Hope Amid Covid

'Unposed: New Tour' Trailer: Bounce of Hope, Ambition and Forgiveness
Non-stop: New tour shows hope, positivity and forgiveness during the Covid epidemic – Trailer Out (Photo Credit: Unposed to Poster: New Tour)

The trailer for ‘Unposed: The New Tour’, a collection of five short films that tells the story of hope in Covid, was released on Saturday.

The collection consists of five stories: Ruchi’s Arun directed ‘Tin Tigada’; Nupur Asthana’s ‘The Couple’; Shikha Makan’s ‘Gond Ke Laddu’; Ayappa KM’s ‘War Room’; And by ‘Vaikuntha’ Nagraj Manjule ‘Sairat’ fame. Each shows the emotions of hope, positivity and forgiveness that go along with the epidemic.

Talking about the compilation and his film ‘Tin Tigada’, Ruchi Arun said: Through, our effort was to highlight the polarity of human emotions, in the midst of an ongoing epidemic that hit us like a storm. ”

Director Nupur Asthana said of her narrative choice: “The quake was a glaring reality of the epidemic that hit professionals around the world so hard, leaving them uncertain and frustrated.”

Commenting on the theme of his film, he said: “The ‘couple’ captures the emotional turmoil and complications caused by such a professional push and how it affects the personal relationship between two people, changing their reality. The first edition of Anthropology has been a beautiful gathering with the audience and we hope that the new tour will now be open to the same love and admiration. ”

Reflection of its effects Covid Epidemic Director Shikha Makan said: “The epidemic has affected everyone in a way that is unexpected and unexpected. We are all concerned for our loved ones living far away and looking for ways to connect and care for them from afar. And sometimes we find connections with strangers. “

Elaborating on the concept of his film, he said: “The concept of ‘Gond Ke Laddu’ was to show the spectrum of human bonds, but with a twist. It was a wonderful experience to shoot this film with an amazing cast and crew who gave their lives for this delicate yet remarkable narrative. We’re sure the story will be emotionally connected to the audience. “

Director Ayappa KM, whose film ‘War Room’ captures the realities of the frontline workers, says: It’s an interesting story that reveals a different side of human emotion under stress and I owe it to the whole team for bringing it to life so beautifully. “

Vaikuntha director Nagraj Manjule says: “The compilation of ‘Unposed: Naya Safar’ reflects different emotions with each of his films, and Vaikuntha adds a unique balance of sadness and hope, which blends unexpectedly. We, as a team, are humbled and honored to bring this story as part of this compilation, and we hope it will stay with the audience for a long time to come. “

Starring Shakib Selim, Shreya Dhanoanthari, Nina Kulkarni and Priyanshu Painuli, ‘Unposed: New Tour’ will be available to stream in Prime video from January 21.

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