“Name & Fame Are Main Ingredients Of Our Industry”

Vijayendra Kumeria: You need to find a way to balance work and personal life
Vijayendra Kumeria about maintaining balance between work and personal life! (Photo credit – Instagram)

For Vijayendra Kumeria, love means understanding, trusting and respecting each other. The Udan The actor thinks “love is like oxygen”. To live happily you have to give a lot and that feeling of love is needed.

Love means different things to different people at different stages of life. “Yes, love cannot be limited to romance. It’s a feeling you share not only with your partner but also with your family and friends. All types of love in life have different meanings and importance, ”he added Nagin 4 Actor

Whether or not celebrities who spend most of their time pursuing their dreams often fail to find love, Vijayendra Kumeria shares how he sees it.

Vijayendra Kumeria concluded, “Well, name and fame are the main elements of our industry, but if you are not happy, what will you do with all the names and fame? Reputation is temporary, you must understand this and if you really want to be happy then you have to give importance to your real relationships in life. Every relationship is about giving and taking. If you are self-centered and selfish, you cannot expect love. There is no profit in blaming the industry. One has to be balanced and realistic and such a person is sure to find love. “

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