Nag and Chay together slammed Sam

Nag and Chay together slammed Sam
Nag and Chay together slammed Sam

While Naga Chaitanya is promoting his today’s grand release Bangarraju, he unclogged about his divorce with Samantha. His father Nagarjuna has also spoken about the same and thereby completely opening up about it. But both of them are expressively positive towards the whole matter, with huge puberty.

Chay said that they have taken their decision with the interest from both the sides, nothing what matters it, and considering it as a great pleasure. Similarly, Nag said that he was tensed about his son during that time, but later he was alright and felt proud of his son with all his adulthood.

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On the other hand, Samantha is reacting sensitively bad about her parting ways with Chaitanya by posting breakup quotes, messages and always reacting and agitating towards the negativity that had circulated all through the social media platforms publicly.

So by comparing Sam with Chay, most of the netizens, especially the fans of Chaitanya are giving their statements that, it will better if Samantha stop speaking about the negative things, and sharing break up quotes on the social media platforms. And, these statements have been causing distress to Samantha acutely.

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