Mohit Raina opens up about ‘Shaadi’ and ‘Bhaukaal 2’, says ‘Good start to the new year’

Mohit Raina, who was seen in Bhaukaal 2, married Rupeshkumar Gupta, the chief sub-editor in Jagran New Media, and talked about the web series Bhaukaal 2. Mohit Raina is playing a role inspired by IPS officer Navneet Sekera in Bhaukaal 2. Gaya why suddenly he surprised everyone by getting married.

Mohit Raina on marriage

Mohit Raina said on the wedding, ‘It was not pre-decided and it was very little time. We took this decision and it was done. On this occasion I had invited my special friends and family to the people. It happened in Rajasthan. The year has been very good as I am not only starting my new life but now Bhaukaal 2 is also coming.

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Why Mohit Raina kept the marriage private

When Mohit Raina was asked on the occasion why he kept the marriage private, he said, ‘I am a very private person. It is very close to my life personally and that’s why I wanted to keep it that way’. He also said that after marriage he is getting constant congratulations and he expresses his heartfelt gratitude to everyone for this.

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Mohit Raina’s wife Aditi is not from filmy background

Mohit Raina also said that his wife Aditi is not from a filmy background and the basis of their relationship is friendship. Mohit also said, ‘We had a friendship sometime back. After that we decided that we will get married.’

Mohit Raina also said that the shooting of Bhaukaal 2 was done amid the corona epidemic.

Mohit Raina also said that the shooting of Bhaukaal 2 took place during the second wave of the Corona pandemic. The audience will love it more. Mohit Raina also said that the challenges are tougher than before but he is enjoying the show and will try to live up to the expectations of the audience again with this show.


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