Kritika Kamra On Fighting The ‘TV Actress’ Tag: “I’m Not Going To…”

Kritika Kamra: Popularity and success have given me the strength to take risks
Kritika Kamra talks about having ‘TV Actress’ tag: “I’m not going …” (Photo Credit: Instagram / kkamra)

Actress Kritika Kamra says that the popularity and success she has gained while working in TV has given her confidence to take more risks in her choice.

Adding to the growing scene of the entertainment business, she doesn’t want to fight the ‘TV Actress’ tag.

Kritika has recently appeared in a multistarrer web series.Kaun Banegi ShikharvatiAnd the show has a female protagonist – Princess Kamini.

Although her character is certainly not one of the weird and funny people who is a social media influential, self-obsessed annoying personality among all the other siblings on the show, Kritika shares her thoughts behind choosing an unexpected character that makes her feel liberated.

Kritika told IANS: “Whenever we play a character, we always want the character to be liked by the audience, especially when it is an integrated cast. But I really wanted to give it all up and I wanted our viewers to laugh at the character and finally say, ‘Oh my God! She is very annoying! ‘

“I was looking forward to that compliment … I mean, who sleeps at night after the blue eyeliner?” Kamini in my character! She goes to Instagram and talks all the nonsense (laughs)! But at the same time, I must say that choosing a character that is absolutely disliked comes from a certain confidence. “

“The popularity and success I’ve had over the years on television has given me the ability to take risks and choose unusual characters. Earlier I also did another web series ‘Tandob’ where my character was quite gray, complex and delicate and certainly not a girl to fall in love with. But again, as an actress, I want to seize those opportunities, “she added.

Kritika started her career as a model and made her acting debut in 2007 with the show ‘Yahan Ke Hum Sikander’ and became known for her role as Dr Nidhi in the show ‘Kuch To Log Kahenge’.

While acknowledging that the interest of young actresses like her is shifting from TV to the big screen, she says she has fought against tags.

“The best thing that has happened at the moment is that I’m not going to fight the tag anymore – to be a TV actress. Honestly, three years ago we all had to fight with the tag ‘TV Actress’ but now the whole image of an actor and the casting has changed.

“I didn’t have to say so many projects, where I got the same character as Dr. Nidhi, because I was popular in it. Now, I’m in a good place to test and take one step at a time. No, I’m not saying all my choices will be right, I may be wrong but it gives you the power to make your own choices, ”Kritika signs in.

Nasiruddin Shah, Lara Dutta, in the show ‘Kaun Banegi Shikharvati’ Soha Ali Khan And Raghubir Yadav, among others – flowing in ZEE5.

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