Korean Album Sales Increase By 36.9% Amid Pandemic As Fans Can’t Attend Live Concerts

Subsequent Covid Wave Korean album sales increased 36.9% to 41.7 million
South Korea’s two largest K-pop agencies, Hibe and SM Entertainment, topped the album market last year (Photo credit: IANS).

The K-Pop album market has seen an unprecedented rise, but sales of digital music have slowed in the wake of the coronavirus epidemic, the Yonhap News Agency reports.

According to data released by Korea at the end of the year Album Sales Tracker Gown Chart, the country’s top 400 albums sold 57 million copies in the country and abroad in 2021, up 36.9 percent from 41.7 million the previous year.

Sales of the top 400 Korean albums have skyrocketed in 2018, surpassing 20 million for the first time. Since then the number has risen to 25 million in 2019, 41.7 million in 2020 and 57 million in 2021.

Insiders in the Korean pop industry say the phenomenon behind the rapid growth since the coronavirus epidemic began in 2020 is that fans, unable to gather live concerts and shows in the protracted epidemic, alleviate their frustration by buying albums.

South Korea’s two largest K-pop companies – Hibe and SM Entertainment – topped the album market last year.

Behind the popular boy groups like BTS and Seventeen, Hibe is responsible for 33.5 percent of the total sales of the top 100 albums in the annual chart of the village, with the combined sales of 26 albums by its artists reaching 15.23 million copies.

‘Butter’, d English single Released by BTS in May, it topped the list with nearly 3 million copies, and other hybrid artists, such as Seventeen, Tomorrow X Together, and Enhypen, also performed exceptionally well.

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