“It’s Natural & It Has To Be Beautiful That Way”

Netizens have trolled Chahat Khanna for her gray hair, the actress is back
‘Gray-haired’ Chahat Khanna says it’s nice to see trolls (Photo Credit: Instagram / chahattkhanna)

‘Kubul Hai’ Actress Chahat Khanna says it is easy for trolls and ridiculers to sit behind the scenes and express their so-called views on anything.

The troll has been hit out Actor Chahat for her gray hair and the dignity of her single mother.

Chahat Khanna says: “I need steel courage to be a single mother and a mother. Leave a single mother who is protecting herself and her family. It wasn’t exactly gray hair and it looked like it was a mirror image and in a corner but even if it was, there’s nothing wrong with having gray hair. It’s normal and it has to be beautiful that way. The trolls can’t talk. ”

Chahat Khanna said, “They express their dirty opinions only behind the scenes. I have made them thick skin. But the heart goes to the young and the weak who may be affected by it. “

“There must be a measure where we can catch these people and make the Internet a safer and happier place for everyone.” And for gray hair, it’s pretty much a sight to behold for trolls. Tell me what is the novelty of being a troll, ”Chahat added.

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