“It’s Big, Even After 8 Years Of Release”

Himanshu Kohli became nostalgic as 'Yarian' turned 8 years old
Himanshu Kohli ‘Yarian’ turns 8 in memory lane as he turns 8 (Photo Credit: Yarian from Instagram / Poster)

‘Irian’ starring Himanshu Kohli, Rakul Preet Singh and Nicole Faria has recently turned 8 years old. Directed by Divya Khosla Kumar, the film was released in 2014.

The movie was about college friendships and a youthful story. Freezing Laksha, who was seen in the movie, becomes nostalgic and remembers some moments from the set.

Himanshu Kohli says: “The anniversary comes every year, but the impression of ‘Yarian’ can still be seen today. So, it’s big, even after 8 years of release. Honestly, I could never have imagined it 10-12 years ago when I started. “

When someone joins a project and gives a percentage, it often leaves a place in the memory that lasts a long time. The same thing happened with Himanshu Kohli, he still has the memory of the set.

He recalls, “I remember being late for the set on my first or second day and Divya mam was very upset with me. I felt so bad for bothering him that I immediately thought of correcting myself and giving an alarm, and told my team to make sure my day was planned in such a way that I would not be on time for the shoot. And to this day, I have always made a point to arrive on time and it has made such a big difference in my life, “he added.

Your song ‘Blue Hai Pani Pani’ was a rage. How do you feel about it, Himanshu Kohli replied: “It was huge and people still listen to the music tracks of the film. I was blessed to be part of such a great debut silver screen project.

Freezing He said that he would like to be a part of the remake of ‘Yarian’: (Can ‘Yarian’ be complete without goals?) I don’t think so. But I will leave that decision to the team, especially Divya Khosla Kumar mam. Their vision has made it so big. “

Himanshu is now moving forward in his career and is waiting for his next movie ‘Bundi Raita’.

Regarding his career plans, Himanshu Kohli said: “I try to bring a taste of versatility to my profile and work on various projects. My upcoming film ‘Bundi Raita’ is currently on the floor and I have been on it since November. The T-Series is also working on a number of music videos, one of which will be released on January 14. It’s by T-Series and features Zubin Nautiyal, Haley Daruwala, Payal Dev, and Gautam Gulati. “

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