“It Was Quite A Struggle To Fuse The Two Genres”

Hariharan opened his mouth about the method of singing 'No Means No'
Hariharan opens up about ‘No Means No’ (Photo Credit – Wikimedia)

National award winning singer Hariharan has composed music for the upcoming film ‘No Mane Na’ with his son Akshay Hariharan. Their vision for music was to blend Indian classical and electronic music.

Talking about the film, Hariharan said, “It is an international Indo-Polish film directed by Bikash Verma. Dhruv Verma has played the lead role. I saw the trailer of this movie. It’s really amazing. My son Akshay Hariharan and I have composed the music for the movie. ”

Hariharon added, “It’s a kind of fusion music. There is a lot of electronic music made by Akshay. He has created a unique blend of Indian classical music and electronic music, managing to find the perfect combination of new age electronic music with instruments like fiddle, table, flute and guitar. “

“It simply came to our notice then. It was really interesting and we loved working on this film, “said Hariharan.

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