“If They Really Wanted To Be Fair…”

Bigg Boss calls 15 producers for unjust eviction of Asim Riaz's brother Umar Riaz
Asim Riaz says Bigg Boss 15 producers fired Umar Riaz because he was a strong competitor (Photo Credit: Instagram / asimriaz77.official, umarriazz91)

Along with Asim Riaz, Himanshi Khurana and many other celebrities are fighting for the unjust eviction of Umar Riaz. The Bigg Boss 15 contestant was expelled for his physical aggression The symbol is Sehajpal. Many have called on the producers to decide to expel him from the show.

During the Weekend Ka Var episode, Salman Khan revealed that viewers will decide whether to keep it or not. Umar Ra Taking action against or against the show. Many thought he would be nominated for the highest season, but Riaz was expelled from the show.

Asim Riaz spoke to the media yesterday and called Bigg Boss 15 for their unjust decision against brother Umar Riaz. He said, “He was so strong that other competitors could not ignite. He was a threat to other competitors. He was loved by everyone outside. Karan Kundra pushed the symbol and other incidents took place but no action was taken at that time. This time Umar was told to leave, if they really wanted to be fair they should have decided then but they did not.

Not only that, Asim Riaz also mentioned how Umar Riaz got 70% of the votes to hold on to the show. However, Bigg Boss 15 producers still decided to expel him because he was a threat to other competitors.

“I still feel that Omar was expelled from the show because he was too strong and he did not allow others to shine. If you also observe the weekend closely, Umar was discussed and they said that Umar is so strong that he does not allow others to be strong. As far as the audience vote we all know he says he got 70 percent of the votes to hold on to the show. Unfortunately, he was still expelled. Her fans have recorded 10 million tweets and no one has achieved that much. This unfair thing didn’t happen for the first time on the show, we all know it happened many times in the past, “added the Bigg Boss 13 runner-up.

Do you agree with Asim Riaz’s statement? We just know that Umar Riaz must have won the hearts of many!

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