“I Never Went To College, So I Wanted To Live It”

Vivian Dessena admits she can make college life with 'Only You' - check out
Vivian Dessena says she can live college life with ‘Only You’ (Photo Credit – Instagram)

Actor Vivian Desena is related to her character Ranbir in the show.Sirf Tum‘For multiple reasons.

“There are things that I put in Ranbir (his character) that only came from me, and you can’t perform if the relativity factor doesn’t have to be there. You have to be faithful. For example, I had the idea of ​​playing football with the idea of ​​Ranbir becoming an athlete, and somehow I wanted to enjoy college because I never went to college, so I wanted to live it through the ceremony. You can do a lot of athletic activities in college, ”he said.

The character’s histrionics and aggression look very authentic. “I have become a decent actor, so it has become authentic. You have to think about the character graph and how the character will feel at a certain point and it finally comes out, “said Vivian Dessena.

Fan recognition is also important for Vivian Disney. “These are the people who made us, these people who watch our shows, who are technically responsible for our bread and butter because if we make a show and there are no spectators to watch, what does the show mean? ? “

He has come a long way in his career ‘Madhubala“I have learned a lot, I have improved a lot. There is a lot going on in the learning process and I am still learning, so learning has gotten me this far, ”he said.

“It takes many years, almost 14 years, to learn how to create a show, how we perceive a character, what, as an actor, you need to input, what the technical aspects of creating a show are,” he added.

Vivian Disena doesn’t expect anything from 2022. “I never expected anything. I just keep doing my job, ”he said.

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