Green Bay Packers NFL: Why the Packers rank No.1 in the NFL polls

Whether you love or hate the Green Bay Packers this season due to Aaron Rodgers’ antics off the field, they are still ranked No.1 in the NFL Playoffpolls. With the regular season completely over, playoffs are right around the corner in the NFL after we are done with the wildcard games. After that, we got 13 games ahead before the end of the season. There have been many inconsistent teams in the league this year but the Packers are the ones who remained focused and finished with the best record in the league. One of themain reasons for this is Aaron Rodgers, who is part of the MVP conversation whether the mainstream media likes it or not. Every single Power Rankings Poll has Green Bay at the top of the list with the Kansas City Chiefs as close second.

With most of the votes as No.1, the Packers with their 13-4 record after the end of the regular season are sitting pretty at the top. If they want to make the Super Bowl, they will have to become stronger than ever at Lambeau Field. Aaron Rodgers and the rest of his teammates believe they can go all the way. Once the playoffs are over, we’ll see if they dominated the NFC or if there was another team that surprises them at their own turf. The weather will also remain as one of the biggest factors that will definitely help Green Bay against teams that are not used to playing in the snow.

The Aaron Rodgers factor.

Just as we mentioned before, perhaps the biggest reason the Packers are doing so well in recent weeks is due to Aaron Rodgers. Although the quarterback missed several games for various reasons, he is still playing at the top of his game. Unless another team decides to surprise them with a good result at Lambeau Field, these Packers seem virtually unbeatable just for having Rodgers and top seed in the NFC. Almost every Vegas oddsmaker has this team at the very top of the rankings. Will the off-the-field issues affect Aaron Rodgers at this stage of the season or not?

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