Fans Thank Selena Gomez For Bringing Mavis To Life But Feel “It Was Trash Without The Real Drac”

Hotel Transylvania: Transformania has received mixed reviews on Twitter!  Netizens praised Selena Gomez but added
Hotel Transylvania: Transformania Review (Twitter): Netizen Shower Love Butt Slam Some aspects of the film

Hotel Transylvania: Transformania, the fourth and final film in the Hotel Transylvania film franchise, released yesterday – January 14 Amazon Prime Video. Since then, thousands of fans around the world have streamed the image and taken it to Twitter for review.

Fans of the franchise have mixed reviews about the animated adventure comedy film, ranging from praising Selena Gomez’s role as Mavis to the absence of Adam Sandler as Drake. Scroll down to find out what some people have to say about the film in both positive and negative light.

Hotel Transylvania: Appreciating the performances of Transformania and Selena Gomez, a netizen wrote, “Tell me why every Hotel Transylvania likes film so much that I am so happy for Selena’s amazing talent and cleverness and I love you so much (3 smiley faces) Praising the founder, another fan of the movie series tweeted, “Thank you for bringing this character to life! He was a part of my childhood and now more and more I realize how much I am growing up, I have seen him grow up from the beginning and now I am practically watching the end! I made it to honor the movie and I hope you enjoy it! “

One fan tweeted it with a rating of 7.25 / 10, “Hotel Transylvania: Transformania is good. It’s got amazing animation, a decent story and some good humor. It’s not the most original film and has some clich তবেs but overall it’s a fun experience and it’s a worthy ending to an otherwise good franchise. “Another netizen wrote,” I love watching this movie here and with all of you. “Congratulations on these 4 amazing movies.”

While many are excited about Hotel Transylvania: Transformania, some are not impressed. One netizen starring Selena Gomez called it “OK” and another called it “somehow sucked.” One user tweeted to Sonny to replace Adam Sandler, “It’s missing @AdamSandler. How can you all (onySonyPictures) change a main character?” It completely ruined it. You don’t do that! Oh BTW Selena I love your role as Mavis. ❤ ”Another, tweeting about the same, wrote,“ It was rubbish without the original Drake! You did well but Drake was terrible. He was trying hard to curse. “

Hotel Transylvania: Talking about Transformania, Brian Hull has sung Count Dracula aka Drake in the fourth film of the franchise. The actor replaces Adam Sandler, who starred in the first three films. It saw Selena Gomez return to the franchise as Mavis Dracula, Andy Samberg Jonathan Lagharan aka Johnny, Katherine Han as Erica Van Helsing, Steve Bussemi as Owen (Werewolf), David Spade as Griffin (Invisible Man), Keegan-Michael Key as Murray (Mummy) and many more.

Jonathan’s tinkering with Professor Van Helsing’s new creation results in the film capturing Drake and his gang’s journey after they were mistakenly transformed into humans (and Johnny became a monster).

Have you seen Hotel Transylvania: Transformania? Let us know what you think about it in the comments below.

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