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Last updated: January 12th, 2022 at 19:41 UTC+01:00

Samsung introduced its new QD-Display technology and the first TV models to use it at CES 2022. QD-Display is set to improve upon QLED and become a real OLED competitor across multiple segments, from monitors to TVs and beyond.

We had a chance to spend some time with the company’s latest products on the CES show floor and learn more about QD-Display, and the things that make this new technology special.

QD-Display technology improves color reproduction and offers greatly improved viewing angles with no color shifting, among other benefits such as minimized ghosting effects.

Samsung revealed a few other interesting technical details, such as the fact that QD-Display is the world’s first display to feature a blue self-emitting layer and a quantum dot layer with color conversion and super fine pitch local dimming.

In practice, a couple of things that have really caught our eyes were the QD-Display’s overall brightness uniformity across the panel and the lack of color shifting even at extreme viewing angles.

The first Samsung TVs and monitors featuring QD-Display tech should be coming to the market as early as Q2 2022. Until then, you can learn more about what makes it tick by checking our video below. And don’t forget that Samsung had a ton of other interesting products at CES, most of which we’ve covered on our YouTube channel.

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