Did You Know? Varun Dhawan Had Saved His Student of the Year Co-Star Sahil Anand From Drowning! Here’s What Happened

When Varun Dhawan sinks his Student of the Year co-star Sahil Anand and saves his life
Did you know Varun Dhawan Sahil Anand’s Life Shooting Student of the Year – Here’s How (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Actor Sahil Anand, who gained fame for his performances in Sasural Simar Ka, Color Change Meaning and many more, made his Bollywood debut in 2012 with Student of the Year. Also anointed Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt and Siddharth Malhotra, you know? Roadies 4 contestants Did you experience a near death while shooting it?

Okay, if you don’t, our throwback story today is here to talk about it. To put you in context, Sahil, who initially did not know how to swim, had to compete in a triathlon for which he had to swim across the pool.

In a past essay, directed by Glamsham, Sahil experienced a near-death experience while shooting a swimming scene in the film. Sahil, who did not know how to swim at first, took classes and learned the sport. Despite gaining much-needed knowledge, he was not confident enough when shooting a particular Student of the Year scene. The scene in question was that he had to swim in an Olympic-sized swimming pool and Varun Dhawan was present with Siddharth Malhotra.

The scene was shot during the fourth take on the Student of the Year set when things went awry. According to the article, everything went according to plan, that is, until the swimmers reached the middle of the pool and the phobia of Sahil Anand entered. Varun Dhawan, who is a good swimmer, noticed the absence of joy and returned to watch him struggle and lose control. Then he goes back and helps her.

An eyewitness, while talking about it, said, “Varun Dhawan swam quickly and reached Sahil Anand and helped him reach the side so that he could hold something and he was pulled out of the swimming pool. Everyone present, including Sahil Anand, thanked Varun for bringing him out of such a difficult situation.

The article noted that the entire Student of the Year crew was terrified because they realized it could be the cause of a tragic accident. The team immediately called a doctor to see if Sahil It was good before moving on to something else. After checking in and being asked to rest, Sahil Anand insisted that they re-shoot the scene because he was confident he would complete it without further ado – and he did.

As the scene unfolded, the entire crew applauded Sahil and congratulated him for overcoming his swimming phobia.

Did Varun Dhawan know about this incident of saving his Student of the Year co-stars?

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