Completes 4 Weeks, To Miss Out On 100 Crore Club Entry

Box Office - Pushpa (Hindi) has completed four weeks, will miss 100 crore club entry
Box Office – Pushpa (Hindi) completes four weeks to miss entry to 100 Crore Club (Photo Credit: Facebook)

After spending four weeks at the box office, Pushpa (Hindi) is now standing 84 crore *. Things were going well until the fourth weekend of the film but then suddenly a jolt was felt on Monday when the collections were almost able to pass. 1 crore The sign posted that the footballs were not as exciting as the first three weeks and as a result the box office was not on fire as it was a few days ago.

However, the film has clearly done more than four times the business in the best-case scenario expected from it. Even a 20 crore Life in Hindi would not have been bad and here the film has passed comfortably 80 crore The sign is indeed, d Allu Arjun The actor started signaling to enter the 100 crore club only a few days ago but with the huge increase in epidemic cases and consequent theaters closing down again with reduced shows, it misses that opportunity.

The film is now declining in number of screens and shows and could go up to 900 million marks at best. Even though it’s huge and sure by all means, the sequel will see a bumper open when it is likely to be released in early 2023.

* Guess. The final number awaited

Note: All collections according to production and distribution source

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