Completes 3 Weeks In Theatres, To Bring 2-3 Crores More

Box Office - Completed 3 weeks in '83 theaters
Box Office – Completed 3 Weeks in ’83 Theater (Photo Credit: Facebook)

83 It’s been three weeks since the release and the film is now seeing limited footage. It was able to cross the 100 million mark but posted that the days of the week were less. This was also expected since the holiday season was completely closed and that facility was completely gone.

This time the film directed by Kabir Khan is frozen 102 crore And must bring the maximum 2-3 crore Now more Ranbir Singh He has scored a century in his own name but almost. Of course, he was aiming for a much higher number. There are multiple producers associated with the film and they all have different types of stacks attached, so no one can really pinpoint how they were individually influenced. That said, they all have high hopes for sports drama, which has been widely acclaimed by critics.

However, now that the film’s theaters have been completed, it will be interesting to see if the audience reception on OTT and Satellite is more exciting. If it really turns out, it could be a case study to evaluate why theater running was not on the same line.

* Guess. The final number awaited

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