Central Employees Good News! Curtain removed from increase in DA, know how much salary will increase – check details immediately

7th Pay Commission latest news: There is good news for the central employees again in the new year. Dearness allowance will increase once again in this month. Let us know how much your salary will increase this time.

New Delhi: 7th Pay Commission latest news: Central employees can get good news again in the first month of the new year. Dearness allowance is set to increase once again in January 2022. That is, there will be a bumper increase in the salary of the employees again. For almost three years, the central government can take a decision on the demand of the central employees regarding the fitment factor.

Then the salary of the employees will increase

If the fitment factor of central employees increases, then there will be a big increase in their basic salary. However, it has not been decided how much there will be an increase in Dearness Allowance (DA Hike). All India Consumer Price Index (AICPI) data for November is out. According to the data of AICPI index, it is expected to increase DA by 2 to 3%.

Let us tell you that at present, 31 percent dearness allowance is getting to the central employees. If there is an increase of 2% to 3% in DA in January, then the employees will start getting 33 to 34 percent DA. That is, once again the salary of the employee will increase.

Employees will get good news in the new year!

There will be promotions in some departments of the Center by the end of December 2021. Apart from this, there is also a discussion about the fitment factor before Budget 2022, on which the decision can come. If this happens, then the minimum basic salary will also increase. But, at present, what does the data of the AICPI index say regarding dearness allowance, let us know.

DA Calculator from July 2021

Month                         Marks                          DA Percentage

July 2021                     353                              31.81%

August 2021                 354                              32.33%

September 2021           355                               32.81%

November 2021            362.016

December 2021

Calculation of DA Marks

  • Calculation for July- 122.8X 2.88 = 353.664
  • Total for August- 123X 2.88 = 354.24
  • Calculation for September- 123.3X 2.88 = 355.104
  • Calculation for November – 125.7X 2.88= 362.016

Calculation on 34% DA

After increasing the dearness allowance by 3%, the total DA will be 34%. Now on the basic salary of Rs 18,000, the total annual dearness allowance will be Rs 73,440. But talking about the difference, the annual increase in salary will be Rs 6,480.

Calculation on minimum basic salary

1. Basic salary of the employee                                     Rs 18,000

2. New Dearness Allowance (34%)                                Rs.6120/month

3. Dearness Allowance so far (31%)                              Rs.5580/month

4. By how much dearness allowance increased               6120- 5580 =Rs 540/month

5. Increase in annual salary                                          540X12 = Rs 6,480

Calculation on maximum basic salary

1. Basic salary of the employee                                     Rs 56900

2. New Dearness Allowance (34%)                                Rs 19346/month

3. Dearness Allowance so far (31%)                              Rs 17639 / month

4. How much dearness allowance increased by               19346-17639= Rs 1,707/month

5. Increase in annual salary                                          1,707 X12 = Rs 20,484

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