BTS’ V Takes A Hilarious Dig At Suga By Calling Him A ‘Hero In A Fairy Tale’ As He Plays Piano, Leaving Jungkook In Splits

While playing the piano on set, BTS 'V calls him' Hero in a Fairy Tale 'and pulls Sugar's leg - see
BTS ‘V teases Suga as she plays the piano Member Jankuk Laughs Out Loud (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Famous South Korean boy band, BTS has been able to capture the hearts of people all over the world with their superhit songs and captivating performances. The boy band has 7 members and through each activity they force ARMY (their fans) to run after them. Recently, band members, V, Suga and Jimin appeared in a new Bangton Bomb video and it was so funny!

This video was published on Bangatan TV on Wednesday YouTube The channel and it shows that three band members are trying their luck with different musical instruments in one set.

The video begins with a conversation between BTS member Jimin and another member J-Hope. “I practiced playing butter on the piano,” he said. For the unexpected, Butter, which was released last year, is the group’s second English song. The first was their hit song, Dynamite.

Back in the video, BTS ‘Jimin then sang and played their song to the tune of Butter. Reacting to this ridiculously, Jay-Hope smiled at the singer and left. Hope’s response has left Jimin very confused. The singer then turned around and asked, “Why?”.

Later, Jimin then went on to play the piano. However, when the camera approached him, he immediately laughed and left playing the piano.

As seen in the video, BTS members Suga and V are trying to figure out how to play different musical instruments on set.

The moment Suga sits down at the piano and starts playing the tune, V digs up the singer and tells Jankook about it, he says, “Like a lover or a hero in a fairy tale.” The remark left Junkuk divided as he later went on to imitate the tune played on the piano.

After Suga leaves the piano, V then rushes in and takes control of the instrument. The singer started playing lively tunes in it. While playing the piano, the singer looked at Junkuk and said, ‘You’re here’, ‘Oh really’, and ‘I’m sorry’. Reacting to this junk, V said, “You should also come up with an alternative character.”

Aren’t they very funny ?!

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