Bigg Boss 15 Exclusive! Simba Nagpal To Replace Vishal Kotian As Wild Card, Surprise Elimination On The Cards?

Exclusive!  Will Simba Nagpal and Rajiv Adatia do a surprise elimination in Bigg Boss 15?
Exclusive! Simba Nagpal will enter Bigg Boss 15 with Rajiv Adatiya, not a huge crore? (Photo credit: Instagram / Simbangapal, Rajibadatia)

Bigg Boss 15 makers are trying their best to chart TRP. We’ve seen some celebrities show up during the weekend to support their favorite members. Divya Agarwal, Shamita Sethi’s fight, and Salman Khan Kashmiris have made a lot of spices by mocking Krishna Abhishek about Shah. But there is more to Simba Nagpal’s re-entry into the house. Scroll down for details!

Earlier it was revealed that Bishal Kotian and Rajiv Adatia will enter BB15 House as wild-card contestants. They will not compete in the show but will be there for a day or two. Unfortunately, the huge test is positive and everything has been delayed.

Now, the little bird Big Boss 15 tells about all the changes in the creative team’s plans. We have heard that Simba Nagpal will re-enter the show with Rajiv Adatiya. Not only this, with the help of fire you can do welding.

“It simply came to our notice then. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, but with just a few weeks left, there is no point in postponing entries. The creative team met with Simba Nagpal, although he was initially hesitant, he finally gave his consent. Another eviction process is being planned and Simba will manage it with Rajeev if everything goes according to plan, “said a source close to the Bigg Boss 15 team.

Meanwhile, the whole nation still does not understand how Omar Riaz was kicked out of the house. This is the consequence of his physical aggression towards the symbol Sehajpal. However, there are rumors that he will enter the house again.

We all know Big Boss 15 Definitely going to get spicy!

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