Antonio Brown and Mayweather appear in random studio party with Ye and Madonna

The images of Antonio Brown, Floyd Mayweather, Madonna, Julia Fox and Kanye West appear to have been taken by a surreal photographer. They are completely legit and there’s even video evidence of their encounter. It all happened last Wednesday night at a music studio in Los Angeles. West is currently promoting the second ‘Donda‘ album, he just confirmed it through some text messages that were leaked on the internet. Amid his recent break up with Kim Kardashian, Ye is already going out with other celebrities and even dating actress Julia Fox. But last Wednesday’s images with another three major celebrities were the cherry on top forthe rapper.

Antonio Brown is flat out giving up on his NFL career after the stunt he pulled with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He’s been making the rounds on podcasts and other media outlets while throwing people like Tom Brady under the bus. But in reality, Brown is already behaving like a retired athlete who simply doesn’t care what the media thinks about him. In the images that were posted by every single social media account that reports on sports or music, Brown appears with Floyd Mayweather, Madonna, and Kanye West while partying on a couch. They were also photographed for a session, all four of them and actress Julia Fox. If the images didn’t exist, you’d probably think we are lying to you. But here they are.

Is Antonio Brown’s NFL career completely over?

Judging on how little he seems to care aboutthe NFL Playoffs right now, it’s safe to say that no team in the league is interested in signing Antonio Brown right now. Rather than staying focused on possibly getting ready for the most important part of the season, Brown just wants to party with these celebrities. Good on him we say, but he will have a harder time to return to shape next season. Or maybe he simply doesn’t care about having an NFL career anymore. It’s possible Brown already is thinking as a retired player and doesn’t even care about returning.

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