Aishwarya Lekshmi, Lijomol Jose & Arjun Das Stand Out In The Anthology That Partly Misses The Goal

Putham Pudhu Kalai Vidyadha Movie Review: Star Rating: 3.5 / 5 star (three and a half star)

The lockdown that followed the epidemic almost 2 years ago has changed something in or for every single person around the world. For some it was seen to be a hole, for others, the change brought something good, but the change was constant. Amazon Prime Video has brought together 5 notable filmmakers to replicate the life of Lockdown through 5 stories. When things go deeper, the effect diminishes somewhat.

Muga Kavasa Mutham

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Director: Balaji Mohan

Cast: Gauri Kisan and Tejenthan Arunasalam.

Of all the frontline personnel, the ones who were most at risk and on the battlefield after the doctors were the police. Balaji Mohan acknowledges his written and directed short title Muga Kavasa Mutham, which translates into Kiss Over the Mask. A love story is also told in a light story describing the duties and tests of these police officers. The first half shows how the police tried their best to handle the situation which was not under anyone’s control. People were neglected and there was a job meant for them. At the center of this story are two police officers with feelings for each other.

The short film soon shifts to a parallel story of a boyfriend stuck in a lockdown and his wife trying to meet a boyfriend whom her parents are marrying against her will. Although it took away the second half, it thinned out the original plot. There is no clarity on what to focus on. If this is an emerging love, then it never seems to emerge from the female police. Gauri Kisan has played the role of a police officer with strong conviction and good feelings. Tejinthan brings heart to this movie.


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Director: Halitha Shamim.

Cast: Lizomal Jose, Arjun Das And Roger (Dude).

Most of the urban youth will find lonely representatives on the screen. For some 20-something adults, lockdown came as a hurdle. Although some have not been able to meet their lovers, many dynamics have changed, friendships have been tested and many have broken up. But the hardest part was losing someone you love, maybe your family or a friend. Lizomal Jose, an actor for whom I received new honors after Joy Bhim, makes it easy to try to finish a city girl. Arjun Das, another actor of many possibilities, came with the baggage of losing a friend in an epidemic.

Putham Pudhu Kaalai Vidiyadhaa’s Loners is to meet strangers and share their grief. And in my mid-twenties I can be sure that a lot has happened in this epidemic. Directed and written by Halitha Shamim, the short explores the need for loneliness, grief and support very subtly. The characters never verbally declare that they need help, but they do help each other through gestures. They may be boyfriends, friends or just strangers, but they are each other’s first Robinhood and that’s important. Climax wins here!

Maunme parabhayai

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Director: Honeymoon and team.

Cast: Joju George And Nadia Maidu.

As has been said the epidemic has changed something in everyone. One of the most common things is to realize the value of the person you care about the least. In a short film produced by filmmaker Madhumita and her team, Joju George and Nadia Maidu play a middle-aged couple who have to live in the same house but not on the condition of talking. A fight and a move in anger caused a rift. Arrogance is always high, but is any ego or attitude bigger than the epidemic that kills every minute?

In a silent short film by Putham Pudhu Kaalai Vidiyadhaa, human value becomes the main plot. When one of the two falls ill in COVID-19 and refuses to talk to the other, waiting outside the door breaks one. The man can understand how erratic life is by analyzing his mistakes. The text explores this in hints. Where there is anger there is also love and gestures express it beautifully. Joju and Nadia show their experience and there is no way for them to be wrong.


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Director: Surya Krishna

Cast: Sanant, Arun Kurien and Dhilip Subbarayan

Most of us went to lockdown 2 years ago, but some have lived in it all their lives. Lockdown can be a metaphor for them. Imagine hiding your sexuality throughout your existence and then just being trapped in a place where you can be exposed without having the opportunity to meet the person. Putham Pudhu Kaalai Vidiyadhaa’s The Mask, Surya Krishna talks about the internal struggles that LGBTQ + community members can go through. Here is a couple who want to spend a year in lockdown, come out and go together.

While this is a sincere acceptance of the situation and a much needed push for those trying to get out, the story is not as it should be with me. The mode used for perception is not quite impressive and it looks out of place. Sanant has certainly done his part perfectly, but isn’t it time we let the LGBTQ + community members play the characters inspired by them? Trade is a factor on the big screen, but OTT can take those risks and they will be worth it.

Nijhal tharum idham

Director: Richard Anthony.

Cast: Aishwarya Lakshmi.

Nijal Tharum Idham of Putham Pudhu Kalai Vidyadhar means soothing shadow to the inner catharsis of a person who is going through multiple emotions. Directed by Richard Anthony and written by Richard and veteran Shivram, Comforting Shadows is about a woman who is going through a void. Every death creates a void, even when it happens to someone you hate. And it gives birth to the desire and excitement of liberation.

For Aishwarya Lakshmi who embodied this woman with a conflicting mind, she goes through a lot of emotions. There he returned home, lost his parents and the fact that he did not share a good bond with them. Towards the end there is a scene where he speaks of his heart in an empty room, Lakshmi does the work so well that it never looks like a fictional story. There is a poem in storytelling. Her shadows go through a transformation just like hers. Relax from chaos and it is visually illustrated. Impressive idea. This one of the five has the best camera work. DOP Bikash Basudevan captures the emptiness and makes us feel it through his lens. Pradeep Kumar’s music is a cherry on the cake.

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5 stories during the epidemic reflect our life and its various aspects. But unlike the first season, this time the spark faded and it became a roadblock. But that doesn’t mean everything is bad, you should give it a chance.

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