Afsana Khan’s Fiancé Saaj Accused Of Dowry, Fraudulent Divorce; Chattisgarh Woman Moves To Mohali Court To Stop The Wedding!

A woman from Chhattisgarh went to the Mohali court against Afsana Khan's marriage to Saj Sharma
Afsana Khan’s fianc সাজ Saj Sharma is already married? (Photo credit: Instagram / itsafsanakhan)

Afsana Khan made a lot of noise about her controversial stay in Bigg Boss 15. He closed his eyes when he ran away from his quarantine period and refused to take part in the show. The butterfly singer was expelled for fear of self-harm when she picked up a knife during a fight. Now, it is her husband Saj Sharma who has been the victim of a pool of controversy.

Anugraha Ranjan alias Anu Sharma, a woman from Chhattisgarh, has applied to Mohali to stop her upcoming marriage. The woman claims she was married MythHer fianc returned in September 2014 and even gave birth to a baby girl.

According to Daily Bhaskar, Anu Sharma claimed that the family lived in Zirakpur after marriage. But due to the oppression of dowry, he was forced to return to his hometown Raipur. Not only that, he has claimed that Saj Sharma got divorced fraudulently and now he wants to end his marriage with Afsana Khan.

Anu came to know about the wedding plans of Afsana Khan and Saj Sharma in December 2021. He tried to contact his fianc but his attempt failed. Only then did he learn from his family that they had divorced in 2019 following a Mohali court order.

Claims include that Saj provided the wrong address for the summons and he never received it. That is why divorce is ordered.

Well, let’s see if Afsana Khan and Saj Sharma respond to the allegations.

Meanwhile when he came back in February Myth Big Boss appeared on stage 15 before entering the house. The singer postponed her marriage just to take part in the show.

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