“A Girl Who Has Just Won The World…”

Did you know  Shashi Tharoor's sarcastic, smart and funny response to Manushi Chillar's 'Chillar'
When Manushi responds to Shashi Tharoor’s sarcasm in Chillar’s ‘Chillar’ in a sad, smart and funny way (Photo credit: Instagram)

Actress Manushi Chillar is all set to make her Bollywood debut Prithviraj Unlike superstar Akshay Kumar. The actress once made headlines when Congress MP Shashi Tharoor used her name ‘Chillar’ to ridicule the BJP government. Scroll down to learn more.

The Haryana-based actress, Priyanka Chopra has made India proud by winning the Miss World crown after 17 years on behalf of India. Although crowned as beauty but she is just a beautiful face. He reaffirmed with a compassionate, smart and witty response to the leader.

In 2017, MP Shashi Tharoor mocked the BJP government’s banknote ban campaign by using a pun in Manushi’s second name – ‘Chillar’. The veteran politician wrote, “What a mistake to cancel our currency! The BJP should have realized that Indian cash was dominating the world: Look, even our cry has gone The world is beautiful! “

Take a look at the following tweet:

The veteran Congress leader was criticized for his tweets, saying it was unnecessary, pathetic and cheap. Netizens are quite disappointed to see this tweet. However, a few hours later he (the human scream) apologized for his tweet and told people to calm down.

After that, Manushi Chillar responded to Shashi Tharoor’s sarcasm. She writes, “A girl who has just won the world will not be disturbed by a tongue-in-cheek comment. The word ‘chiller’ is just a small change – let’s not forget the ‘chil’ in chiller.”

Manushi’s tweet came in response to Times Group MD Binit Jain, who said people need to be more tolerant of light humor.

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